Creating an integrator API resource in Autotask

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Integration with Autotask used to rely on active resource's credential to be able to access Autotask's integration API(Application programming interface). There was a side issue when using an active resource as a source for integration.

  • When active resource changed their password - while DeskDirector server still uses old credential, this caused Autotask to block active resource's access because of failed API request attempt.
  • The permission of active resource has direct affect on the integrator. This causes troubles where customers often have to create paid active resource specifically for the integrator, or they have to give one of active resources who have admin privileges.

Autotask has now introduced an API user security level for resources. An Autotask customer can create an API user with no additional cost. It resolves issues integrator had with normal resource account.

Autotask has also introduced their new API 1.6 at end of 2018, which API User security level is now required to access API v1.6. It is essential for existing and new DeskDirector customers to create integrator resource that has API user security level.

In this article, we will lead you through steps on how to create integrator resource.

Security Level

Autotask recommends to have individual security level for each integration. Here is how to create new security level for DeskDirector API resource.

  1. Under Feature and settings (Admin)
  2. Expand Resource/Users (HR)
  3. Right click on API User (system) (API-only) security level and select Copy Security Level.
  4. Give name as DeskDirector API User
  5. Expand WEB SERVICES API at bottom and select according to following instruction.
  6. Then Save & Close.
  1. Head to Extensions & Integrations (Admin)
  2. Expand Other extensions & Tools and select Integration Center.
  3. Find DeskDirector - DeskDirector Portal from integration vendor list.
  4. You can either Add API user or Edit API user.
  5. Select the DeskDirector API User security level.
  6. Provide First name, Last Name, Username. and also generate secret.
  7. You can also edit DeskDirector integrator to provide default field value.
  8. Head to DeskDirector admin portal and add or update API resource's credential.
    1. Username (Key)
    2. Password (Secret)

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