Monitoring BiggerBrains Usage

Edcel Ceniza Updated by Edcel Ceniza

As you may have already known, BiggerBrains integrates seamless to DeskDirector (see: Getting started with BiggerBrains). It is also should also essential for you to be able to monitor BiggerBrains usage from the DeskDirector admin console, and you could do just that!

You can access the BiggerBrains Usage summary under Analytics > BiggerBrains. On the Portal Usage page, you should see a graph that displays the number of unique users who have used the BiggerBrains and number of views, plus numbers at the bottom of the graph showing the current monthly BiggerBrains usage.

Clicking on a bar for each month should break the usage down further, showing another graph and a table breaking down which company contributed to the usage. For higher usage months with more than 5 companies, it should show two graphs -- the top 5 and bottom 5 of amount of users.

Clicking on a company name from the table and graph will finetune the graph and table further to which contacts contributed to the usage.

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