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Here are the most common causes as to why users can't log in to DeskDirector.

An error code that says "Sorry, your account appears inactive" or "Couldn't find contact, if contact do exist, please check their inactive flag and portal disabled flag" are usually fixed by this guide.

Wrong password will also show "Couldn't find contact, if contact do exist, please check their inactive flag and portal disabled flag" error.

1. (CW Only) Portal Login has been disabled.

Within the contact details in ConnectWise, there is a 'Disable Login' option. When DeskDirector creates a contact in CW, this is left False (not ticked). However, sometimes contacts are updated by a workflow or a CW member and this is set to True (ticked). As soon as this is activated, the contact will no longer be able to log in to DeskDirector.

You might need to reset the password in order to make this change, however, this password is never used as we use the DeskDirector set passwords over ConnectWise passwords. 

2. (CW Only) Password does not work

Due to some of ConnecWise's security requirements, sometimes a user's CW password will not work when trying to log in to DeskDirector. In order to solve this, we recommend resetting the user's password within the DeskDirector admin console. This allows the user to log in using the DeskDirector password, and avoids any future issues caused by security changes that may occur in ConnectWise. 

3. (AT and CW) User logs in but can't see his tickets or User can't submit a ticket

This is usually caused by having duplicate contacts in your PSA. Sometimes DeskDirector will log the users in as the duplicate and cause them to not see their tickets or be able to submit tickets. In these cases, you must delete the duplicate contact from your PSA and then delete the duplicate contact cache from your Admin Console. After this the user should be able to log in with no issues. If the issue persists, please contact support for more info. 

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