Portal and User Issues

User can't log in

Here are the most common causes as to why users can't log in to DeskDirector. An error code that says "Sorry, your account appears inactive" or "Couldn't find contact, if contact do exist, please che…

Edcel Ceniza
Updated 9 months ago by Edcel Ceniza

DeskDirector Portal Browser Support

Browser support is always a tricky question. To support old or legacy browser, it is always very intensive process. This also limits the amount of features we can release, since the application will…

Jason He
Updated 10 months ago by Jason He

Contact can't login portal, the contact is missing in admin console but it is in ConnectWise

This happens usually due to the lack of permissions of your integration API member. To verify you are having this issue, you can follow these steps. Get the missing contact's ID from ConnectWise. Go…

Andy Chen
Updated 9 months ago by Andy Chen

DeskDirector Tech Portal - How to take advantage of browser tabs

In this article, we will demonstrate ways to improve experience when using the DeskDirector Tech Portal in a browser. The tab system inside TECH portal is limited because of space restriction, user o…

Jason He
Updated 9 months ago by Jason He

Add DeskDirector Tech Portal as a Custom Menu item inside ConnectWise Manage

Pre-requisite. You have to have Custom Menu Entry privileges active in your Security Permissions AND you have to have the new menu item setup in the 'customization' menu option for that Security Sett…

Serena Cappellini
Updated 9 months ago by Serena Cappellini

Sign in with Microsoft Issue in Tech or Admin Console - "Need Admin Approval"

When trying to login Tech and Admin Console, this error may show up This happens because the "User can register application" permission is disabled in Azure Active Directory (AAD) due to corporate po…

Andy Chen
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User Group FAQs

Q: Is this feature available for my DeskDirector license? A: Essential Plan license does not have access to this feature. Every other plan has access to it, unless explicitly stated. Q: What is user…

Edcel Ceniza
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How do we set a landing page for the client portal?

What is a landing page? A landing page is the first page that will load for a client once logged in to the client portal How do I set a landing page? Setting a landing page for the client can be easi…

Edcel Ceniza
Updated 6 months ago by Edcel Ceniza