Setting up Office 365 Mail Delivery

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Emails sent from DeskDirector to your customers can be configured either to use SMTP or use an Office 365 email account. This article guides you through the setting up email delivery using Office 365.

Before You Start

  • Account must have an Office 365 mail enabled license assigned
  • Account must have primary email
  • Account can have shared email (supported since 6th of April 2020)

Office 365 Mail Delivery Setup Guide

1. To get started, login to your DeskDirector admin console and head to Email > Settings then scroll down to Office 365 Mail Delivery and click "Setup Office 365 consent" or directly via this link:

https://{your deskdirector company}

2. On the page, click the Grant Consent button then enter your Office365 email address and click the Grant Consent button again.

3. You will be lead to a sign in screen after granting consent where you will need to enter your Office 365 password, then Sign in.

4. Review the permission required and click Accept.

5. Once you accepted the permission requested, you browser will be redirected back to DeskDirector Admin console.

From there, you can verify the the email address that was setup to set emails from.

To remove an account, click the Revoke Consent button.

If you want to use a different Office 365 account, you may need to sign out the account you have signed in from, then redo the setup.

6. Once consent has been granted, you have the option to setup/modify the sender email address and display for General Purpose and System Notification emails sent by your DeskDirector instance.

How to create shared mail
To setup shared mailbox in Office 365 account, you need to have admin privilege.

1. Head to Office 365 admin page > Groups > Shared Mailboxes

2. Click on Add a shared mailbox

3. Provide the details needed to create the mailbox

4. Add the mailbox account to the members list then click Customize Permissions.

5. Make sure that the added member has capabilities to send on behalf of shared email.

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