Send emails with Office 365

Emails sent from DeskDirector to your customer can be setup to use an Office 365 email account. This article guides you through the setup process.

1. Go to the Email Setting tab in the DeskDirector Admin console which you can access from:

https://{your deskdirector company}  (e.g.

2. From there click on the Grant Consent button to add your account. This will bring you to Microsoft's Sign in screen.

3. From the sign in screen, fill in the credentials for the account you want to add.

4. Review the permission required and click Accept.

5. Once you accepted the permission requested, you browser will be redirected back to DeskDirector Admin console. From there, you can verify the the email address that was setup to set emails from.

To remove an account, click the Remove Consent link button.

If you want to add a different account, you may need to signed out the account you have signed in from

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