Sending a Broadcast

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To send a broadcast you need to first login to DD Tech. You can do this at https://{your deskdirector subdomain}

Step 1 - navigate to the broadcast page

This can be found on the left navigation menu.

Step 2 - navigate to the create broadcast page

Click the plus button on the bottom right of the screen:

Step 3 - Enter the message details

You can enter a message which can be up to 255 characters. You can also choose to send a link to more information, this will allow your users to read up more about your message if it cannot be contained within 255 characters.


Selecting this option will send the broadcast to all of your users. This skips the company selection screen later in the creation process. This is obviously helpful for issues that impact every one of your customers.

Important notification

Important notifications display differently to non-important notifications. They show up on the create ticket screen so that users will see them when they go to create a ticket. When the Sticky Broadcasts feature is enabled, they also stay on the screen and require the user to dismiss them manually (on the desktop version of Portal).

Step 4 - Select how long it will be active

The minimum duration of the broadcast is 15 minutes but they can be expired early if you need to.

Step 5 - Select companies

If you selected global at the start, this step will be skipped.

This step allows you to select all the companies you want to send a broadcast to. You can fine tune this to specific sites by clicking the dropdown on the right hand side and selecting 1 or more sites.

Step 5 - review

Make sure everything looks good, and then hit publish!

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