Setting up DeskDirector for Microsoft Teams for your clients (Client mode)

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In Client mode, the app allows your clients to independently manage tickets, receive real-time updates, and personalize the app within their Microsoft Teams environment.

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps, it's important to note a few prerequisites:

  1. Tech Mode Setup: The app should be initially set up in a channel within your own Teams in Tech mode. This allows the integration of the DeskDirector Tech portal into Microsoft Teams for internal ticket management.
  2. Azure Active Directory (AD) Tenant: It's essential to have access to your client's Azure AD domain name or be able to manually specify the Azure AD tenant ID. This information is required to link your client's Teams to their company in DeskDirector.
  3. Link your client's Teams to a company: This is done in the Settings page on the Tech mode channel tab.


Follow the steps below to link your client's Teams to a company:

  1. Set Up the Tech Mode: Set up the DeskDirector teams app in a channel in your own Teams first as the Tech mode. You can view the documentation for detailed steps on this setup.
  2. Access Settings: After the Tech mode setup, navigate to the "DeskDirector" tab in the channel where the Tech mode DD was set up. Go to Settings -> Client Portal Installations.
  3. Create a New Client: On the "Client Portal Setups" page, click on "New client".
  4. Select the Company: Choose the company of your client from the list.
  5. Specify Azure AD Domain Name or Tenant ID: Enter your client's Azure AD domain name or manually specify the Azure AD tenant ID.
  6. Create a Link: Click on the "Create" button. This action will link the Azure AD tenant (Teams) to the selected company.
  7. Add the App from the Client's Side: From your client's Teams side, add the DeskDirector teams app to a channel of a team. There are two scenarios to consider depending on the desired use:
    • Scenario 1: Installing the App as a Bot and a Tab: This full installation is suitable for those who wish to use user group integration. To install the app, open the app's page, click "Add to a team," click the "Set up" button, and then select your support portal from the service provider list. This action installs the app as a notification bot and creates a tab (titled "Tickets") that displays the user group tickets.
    • Scenario 2: Installing the App as a Bot Only: If user group integration is not required, you can set up the app as a bot only, which allows the use of the user portal without the user group ticket tab. To do this, choose "Set up a bot" from the dropdown menu, not the "Set up" button. After installation, the bot will send a welcome message in the channel with a "Setup integration" button. Click this to select a service provider from the list and complete the installation and setup.
    Below is a step-by-step installation video for Scenario 1:
  1. Install for individual users: Install the DeskDirector app for the users in their personal Teams environment to enable the personal portal and notification features.
  2. [Optional] Pin app for individual users: Pinning the app to the app bar in Teams client allows users to easily access your support portal.

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