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DeskDirector Connector Triggers

There are currently three triggers available in the DeskDirector connector: chat, ticket and workflow based.


When you select a DeskDirector trigger, you will be presented with some fields.

The fields will follow this type of order:

  • Event: the type of chat or ticket event
  • Description: this name is used in the Workflows tab in Admin Console. This field may not appear until you have selected an event.
  • Filters: specify certain filters to restrict flow execution. Click 'Show advanced options' to display all filters available. Note: certain filters may show or hide based on the event selected.
    • Filters are applied after the specified event has occurred.
    • Tags filter operator is IN. It is not AND. The tag filter condition will be true if at least one of the ticket tags exist in the specified list.

1: Ticket Trigger

Further info on certain trigger events:

  • More info requested: this is when a tech attaches an inline form
  • New message from a member: includes tech note and tech time entries
  • Ticket tags updated: upon selecting this, two additional filters will appear: New Tags and Removed Tags. If you are using these filters, only use one or the other.

2. Chat Trigger

Further info on certain trigger events:

3. Workflow Trigger

This trigger is set up and managed from the Workflows tab in Admin console. It offers greater flexibility and solves some of the limitations of the Power Automate UI for ticket/chat trigger actions.

The advantages of using the native Workflow trigger include:

  • Support for multiple events of the same type (ticket/chat)
  • Support for multiple filters e.g you can specify multiple companies in the company filter, whereas using the ticket trigger action only lets you pick one
  • Different filter operators e.g any of (OR), all of (AND)
  • You can disable the Workflow within your Admin console without going to Power Automate. When the Workflow is disabled, it will not trigger the Power Automate flow that the webhook sends to.
  • One Workflow can send the same webhook payload to multiple endpoints. In terms of Power Automate, multiple flows can be triggered by the same Workflow.
How to setup a Workflow
  1. In Admin console, navigate to Advanced > Workflows > New Workflow
  2. Workflow overview. Go to Edit if you want to add some filters.
  3. Workflow editor. Add filters by adding steps
  4. Add a Webhook action if you want to send to something other than Power Automate. If you are using with Power Automate, then don't add a Webhook action. Save and enable the Workflow.
  5. In Power Automate, select the Workflow trigger and find the Workflow you just created. The description will be displayed in the Workflow editor - see image in next step. Save the flow.
  6. Go back to the Workflow editor. You should see that the webhook action was automatically added.
  7. Test out the Workflow. Click on a run in the run history to see the filtering and webhook payload.

DeskDirector Workflow notes and limitations
  • A Workflow will not trigger, even if enabled, until there is at least one action
  • Workflow filters are all AND together
  • Some filters have limits e.g you can select up to 10 companies for the company filter
  • Currently only one action available: Webhook

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