Request Type Ordering

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Request Type Ordering is only available to server version equal to or higher than 18.82.1

Request types can be ordered by category and name. When multiple request types have identical category, their ordering will be based on the name. The hierarchy of ordering (ascending) is as follows:

  1. Empty category: Request types with no category are listed on top of the list.
  2. Numbers: After all request types without category are listed, they will be followed by request types with numbers on their category.
  3. Alphabetical: The last on the hierarchy of ordering category and request type name is from A-Z.
Only category names can be empty, not request type names, so ordering for request type names starts with numbers, then alphabetical.

Category and name reordering can be switched from ascending to descending (and vice versa) by clicking on the header as shown in the screengrab above.

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