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With DeskDirector, you can brand your portal with your logos and choose different colors from a theming palette. Not is only is custom branding available globally for your main DeskDirector instance, you can customize and personalize the branding further for each company under your instance. Different brands for each companies you handle is very possible (if you have the time and patience to set it all up, of course).

You can easily define branding for your DeskDirector portal (web and desktop). Check out these two articles to help you get started:

Personalization of the DeskDirector experience is further tuned using avatars for each contacts and each tech members under your DeskDirector instance.

Lastly, you can further personalize the your DeskDirector portal with custom domains! Some customers may feel more comfortable using a Portal that runs under your domain. So with custom domains, you can use your own domain/subdomain and not use the default subdomain assigned to you.

Custom Domain is only available if you have purchased the Custom Domain Add-on for DeskDirector, or if you have a Dynamics Plan or an Enterprise plan.

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