Before you switch the Menu System on The new menu system comes with a few changes to the Portal UI which you may wish to communicate to your customers beforehand. Read more about these changes at Menu System - Changes to the Portal UI

Menus are used to gather together Menu Items into an ordered list. You can search, modify, create and delete Menus from the Menu Group page inside your Admin Console. Menus exist independently from the Companies and Contacts you will assign them to.

Initially, you will only have the Default Menu already set up. This menu is a global catch-all which users will see when there isn't another menu assigned to them from a Company or Contact level.

The Custom Menu section shows a list of the menus that have been created for your DeskDirector instance. Adjacent to each custom menu name are 2 icons which represent companies and contacts -- a green highlight indicating if the menu has been assigned to a contact or company.

Assigning menus to a contact are done from the Companies and Contacts tab in the admin console respectively:

The default System Menu can be edited, but it can't be removed because as mentioned, it acts as the catch-all menu.
Creating Custom Menus

Every menu group contains a set of System Menu Items by default which cannot be removed.

You are able to search through the Menu Items you have already created, adding them to them menu. You can reorder the menu items by dragging them to the order that you prefer.

There are a few rules around Menu Items. Many of the Native Menu Items will not display to the end user unless they have the required permissions. Also, if a ConnectBooster Integration Menu Item is present, it will override the Native Invoice Menu Item.
Editing Menus

Any of your menus can be edited as you wish by clicking on the menu from the menu group list. The right pane of the menu editor should show the companies and contacts that are assigned to and using the menu.

Portal Landing Page

The first item in any Menu will automatically become the Landing Page.

This will be the first page a user sees when they open the portal, unless you have deep-linked elsewhere in the application. The top menu item will also look slightly different from other menus items in order to differentiate it and give it emphasis.

The top item in the menu should always be the one which is most relevant to the target company or user. For most users, this will be the 'Create Ticket' page, but for some users it might make more sense to show them the Invoices page straight away.

Assigning Menus to Companies and Contacts

The menu system uses a Cascading Override approach to configuration. The global Menu will be overridden by any Company level Menu which itself will be overridden if a Contact level Menu is configured. We recommend that you progressively define more specific Menus as you need them. Starting with the Global Menu, then Menus for specific companies and finally Menus for specific contacts as required.

You will need to find the Company or Contact you wish to configure a Menu for in the Companies or Contacts page. Navigate to the Menu tab where you will see some information about the currently applied menu. Choose the option to override this and select a Menu from the dropdown and click Save.

As always, when making configuration changes that affect the Portal, it is a good idea to impersonate a contact to check if things are working as expected.

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Getting Started with the Menu System