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Menu Items are used to describe content which can then be placed into a Menu. They are created and exist independently from the Menus which use them. Modifying an existing Menu Item will affect all Menus which reference it.

You can search, modify, create, and delete menu items from the Menu Items page inside your Admin Console. In general you will be able to customize the name and icon of menu items. Be aware that horizontal space inside the Portal Menu is limited, therefore names which are too long will be truncated with ellipses. You can also add searchable metadata to the items, known as tags. These are here to help you manage and organize your items.

System Menu Items

These are the standard menu items that come with DeskDirector. System menu items cannot be created or deleted, but you can customize their name and icon. These menu items are included in every Menu by default.

  • Contact Support - This menu item will show the contact the option to either create a ticket or chat with a technician (if the user has Chat permissions enabled)
  • Invoices - This will display the Invoices table. This will not display if any ConnectBooster Menu Item's are found in the Menu. This is only visible if user has Invoices permission.
  • Learning - Represents the learning center. Once the new menu system has been enabled, top level learning items will instead appear inside the learning center. This is only visible is the Learning Center permissions are enabled for the contact/company.
  • Notifications - This will display the notification center. This is only available if notifications are enabled.
  • Quotes - With this enabled, the quotes table will be displayed to the contact. This menu item is only available if Quotes permission is set for the contact.
  • Tickets - This menu item will show tickets that contacts have access to. By default, it will show tickets he own (open and closed). If "All Tickets" permissions are enabled, he will see the option see all Tickets. Checking this guide on how the ticket list page looks. If the contact is set as an approver, he will see the tickets for approval.

What if I want custom menu items other than the system menu items? Well, you can easily create custom menu items in DeskDirector.

Note: System menu items respect the permissions and settings you have set up elsewhere. e.g. A user will not see the Quotes menu item if they don't have the Quotes permission. A user will not see the Ticket Approval sub-menu if they do not have the Approval permission.

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