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Approvals allow your clients to have some control on what tickets make their way to you. Approval tickets are easy to set up within DeskDirector, just follow the instructions on this page to see how to set it up. 

Approval Workflow

  • The Approval Workflow is triggered after a client logs a Request Type that's configured with an Approval status. These request types are fed from and configured in the DeskDirector Admin Console.
  • When a ticket is submitted under these request types, the ticket is created in your PSA with the approval status that you have set..
  • Approvers who have been selected for the client (by giving them Approver permissions in the admin console) then automatically receive an email informing them a ticket has been submitted that needs their approval. These same people will also see the Approvals section in their DeskDirector Portal showing any tickets that need their approval. 
  • From here they can open the ticket and approve or decline it. 
  • If the ticket is declined, the reason for this decision is added to the ticket as a ticket note. Whatever the decision is, the ticket status will change to the accordingly (Approval Granted/Declined) based on what you set in the Admin Console. 
  • An email is then triggered to all approvers letting them know that the ticket has been approved or declined.

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Approval Emails

​When an approval email is triggered from DeskDirector, we use the ​SMTP Settings​ set up in the Admin Console to send the email. If there are no SMTP settings, we will use the default SMTP settings from our server, in which case we recommend you add our IP (you can get it from pinging your instance) to your SPF records.

​Please note that approval emails will be sent when the ticket is created with the approval required status. If you activate the approval process after ticket creation, no email will be sent out.​

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