Managing Client Portal Access

Edcel Ceniza Updated by Edcel Ceniza

Managing which clients can access the DeskDirector Client Portal can be a very daunting task, specially if you have a lot of companies and contacts to manage. From the admin console, portal access can be easily managed.

To get started, login to your DeskDirector admin console then head to Portal > Portal Access. You should be greeted by a page showing the company types and company statuses

All you need to do is select the company types and statuses that you allow access to the portal. When nothing has been selected, all active companies can use the client portal. Click "Save" and your good to go. As easy as that!

Common Mistakes : Your own company is normally under a different type, such as owner. Make sure to grant access to that, so users under your own MSP company can access the portal. It is good idea to include prospect, or a specific type for trial. That way you can allow them to try out portal.

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