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Tech Portal Ticket Details

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The ticket details page is where you see all the specifics of the ticket - initial issue, tickets/notes added, assigned techs, sender, and all other information and features specific for the ticket. This is also where you can reply and edit ticket data.

Top Ticket Panel

The top panel when opening a ticket shows multiple icons and functions. The screengrab shows these functions at work and they are discussed further below:

Ticket context icons

This portion shows three icons which allows you to easily switch between the ticket, the contact assigned to the ticket, and the company of the assigned contact (see screengrab for behavior). This can be useful if you need to check contact or company information quickly, or to check other tickets that they have created.

Ticket Title

This shows a preview of what the ticket is. As a technician, you can easily rename the ticket title and comes handy if you want to add keywords to it so you can easily filter through tickets in the future (Searching Tickets).


This feature was added on Tech Portal v1.32 update. Clicking this icon will open a pop-up showing three fields. The first field grants the tech easy access to copy the ticket number (address this GitHub Quick Copy feature request)

The other two grants easy access to portal deeplinking making it easy to copy it in case you need to reference this ticket somewhere and want it deeplinked.

More options

Beside "Copy" is an ellipses that presents more options specific to the ticket. Clicking it should trigger a dropdown showing multiple options.

  • Open PSA - clicking this will open the ticket inside your PSA. This is useful if you need a specific function from the PSA that Tech does not implement.
  • Clipboard - basically triggers the same pop-up as the Copy icon.
  • Ticket Tabs - The set of texts that appear under Clipboard and before Delete are the Ticket Tabs.
  • Delete - This enables techs to delete tickets from DeskDirector. This feature was added on Tech Portal v1.32 update.

Right Ticket Panel

The right ticket panel shows the details about the ticket contact, its assigned techs, CC'd contacts, board it belongs to and others. Let's break it down further.

Ticket Contact

This section of the right panel shows who submitted this ticket, and his contact information. As a tech, you can re-assign the ticket contact to someone else by clicking on the "Change" link. If the customer is also online, and he has Chat Permissions set, a tech should be able to push a chat to the contact via the "Chat with ___" button.

Assigned Resources

This panel allows you to view all the resources that have been assigned to the ticket. There is also an assign me button which does what you expect. You can also assign other resources from this panel.

Time Spent

Is a summary of the time entries for the ticket.


This is where you can see all the CC'd contacts for the ticket. Tech can add/remove CC'd contacts to their liking.

Ticket Details

This section shows other more details about the ticket. It shows:

  • Board/Queue
  • Status
  • Priority
  • Type
  • Date created/updated
  • Tags
  • and others...

As a tech, you can reclassify tickets using the dropdowns in the ticket details section, whether you want move it to another board, change the ticket's status and priority, reclassify the type then add/remove tags.

Ticket Timeline

The timeline shows all ticket notes (internal, resolution, and public), chat logs (if a chat was initiated in the ticket), and also shows all documents that have been attached to the ticket.

Most image files and pdfs can be previewed inside the tech portal. To do this, you can click on the thumbnail of the file (if you just want to download, click the file name):

This opens a modal which displays a larger version of the image. It also has options for you to download the file to your machine. The same goes for chat logs.

At the bottom of the timeline is the section to add note/time entry/forms:

From here you can either add a note or add a time entry. In order to add a time entry, the current status of the ticket must allow time entries. If it doesn't, the add time entry tab will be disabled until the status is changed.

You can add inline forms to your replies, and/or you can also use Macros.

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