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Desktop Portal v4 Installation - For the Legacy App

This installation guide is for the legacy version of the desktop portal. For DeskDirector Portal v5, check this installation guide. The Portal and all installers are 32-bit applications. The Program…

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Diagnosing DeskDirector Desktop Portal Issues

This article explain ways to diagnose issues for desktop portal. Information gathered through the process is also great to help out any support ticket you create. It can help us resolve your issue fa…

Jason He
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Diagnosing automatic login issues (ActiveDirectory) using the DDGetSID CLI tool

The new DDGetSID CLI tool is a command-line interface app developed to help you diagnose Windows client Active Directory login. Use this tool to: Find out a user's company SID. Diagnose auto-login is…

Andy Chen
Updated 9 months ago by Andy Chen

Antivirus Blocking DeskDirector Portal Installation

There are some cases where we are seeing issues with Antivirus programs blocking the DeskDirector Portal Installation from completing. Programs such as WebRoot blocks the installation process with no…

Updated 2 years ago

Troubleshooting your DeskDirector Portal installation

This documentation is outdated as we no longer provide an auto-updating client, so many of these tips are not applicable. We're keeping this document just in case people are still running old version…

Updated 2 years ago

DD Portal for Mac: Labtech Deployment Guide

This KB does not apply to the DeskDirector Portal v5. This guide covers the basics of using LabTech to deploy DDPortal for Mac, you may have to add in or edit some steps depending on your environment…

Updated 2 years ago

DDPortal removal tool - uninstalling Windows portals

The DDPortal removal tool helps cleanly uninstall DD Portal, making sure you have a fresh environment before installing the latest version. The versions the removal tool uninstalls include: WPF clien…

Andy Chen
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Deploying DD Desktop Portal v5 via PowerShell

v5 of the DeskDirector desktop portal was released early 2022. This guide will help you deploy the portal to your machines via PowerShell. Pre-requisites for the installation: For the PowerShell scri…

Edcel Ceniza
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Desktop Portal v5 Installation & Common Issues

Procedure to Install Desktop App - Version 5 Installation using the installer package. Download evergreen standalone WebView2. Download package from admin portal (Do not download MSI, MSI is only for…

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