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Creating an Integrator Login in ConnectWise (SOAP API)

DeskDirector uses the ConnectWise Integrator API to retrieve and update ConnectWise Note please avoid using special characters such as %, #, & as some of ConnectWise’s APIs do not support this Here’s…

Updated 1 year ago

Top 10 Request Types

In DeskDirector, there is no one-size fits all for support request types that you can have for your clients, however, here are the 10 most popular request types that most people use. They have been s…

Updated 2 years ago

Getting Started - Admin Console

This video takes you through getting started with the Admin Console.

Updated 1 year ago

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the questions we get asked regularly about deploying and maintaining DeskDirector. We will be adding things here all the time so check here first if you have a problem/question. Ther…

Updated 2 years ago

Using Markdown

Markdown is a lightweight markup language which allows you to write in an easy to read format which is then converted to valid HTML. DD Portal 2.0 will allow you to utilize markdown in your tickets (…

Updated 2 years ago

Creating a ConnectWise RESTful API Key

Since ConnectWise manager 2019.5 has removed their API v1 and v2, you can savely delete integrator login and use key created from this article for integration. 1. Create an API Member. The Members sc…

Updated 3 weeks ago

CSV Reporting Tool

CVS Reporting allows you to get a list of contacts or companies that have certain permissions enabled. In order to use the function, all you need to do is log in to the admin console and go to the le…

Updated 2 years ago

Generic vs Customized Request Types

You will need to identify generic request types that suit all needs and a client specific request types that only work for one company. The best practice is to keep a good balance of both types of re…

Updated 1 year ago

DDPortal (Installed client) Vs. DDWeb (Web Client)

The installed DeskDirector application and the DeskDirector web app have much of the same functionality, but there are a few differences that you should be aware of when considering what you want you…

Updated 1 year ago

Ticket Description missing on ConnectWise emails

Problem. Variables such as [fullticketdetails] and [fullticketdetailsformatted] are missing on your emails generated out of ConnectWise for new tickets logged by DeskDirector. This is an API limitati…

Aaron Corney
Updated 2 weeks ago by Aaron Corney

Creating an integrator resource in Autotask

Issue. Integration with Autotask used to rely on active resource's credential to be able to access Autotask's integration API(Application programming interface). There was a side issue when using an…

Jason He
Updated 8 months ago by Jason He