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Top 10 Request Types

In DeskDirector, there is no one-size fits all for support request types that you can have for your clients , however, here are the 10 most popular request types that most people use. They have been…


Generic vs Customized Request Types

You will need to identify generic request types that suit all needs and a client specific request types that only work for one company. The best practice is to keep a good balance of both types of re…


Using Markdown

Markdown is a lightweight markup language which allows you to write in an easy to read format which is then converted to valid HTML. DD Portal 2.0 will allow you to utilize markdown in your tickets (…


Desktop Portal (Installed client) Vs. Web Portal (Web Client)

The installed DeskDirector application and the DeskDirector web app have much of the same functionality, but there are a few differences that you should be aware of when considering what you want you…