Feature Configuration

These articles will discuss how to setup the feature configuration tab in the DeskDirector admin console

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​Enabling OAuth (Microsoft Login) for DeskDirector Portal

Custom OAuth application has been deprecated, you can still setup and use it in DeskDirector server, but it is no longer recommended approach.. OAuth allows end users to log in using their Office 365…

Edcel Ceniza
Updated 3 months ago by Edcel Ceniza

Hosts Configuration

There are instances where you are using a custom domain for your DeskDirector instance , or you are using Streamline IT, and you want a specific host, icon, logo and title will be displayed different…

Edcel Ceniza
Updated 2 years ago by Edcel Ceniza

PSA Integration (ConnectWise/Autotask)

The PSA Integration section is what connects your DeskDirector instance to DeskDirector/ConnectWise. Autotask Integration. For Autotask you need to create an API resource and add it to your admin con…

Edcel Ceniza
Updated 2 years ago by Edcel Ceniza

Setting Office Hours

In the most basic sense, Office Hours used inside the DeskDirector Client and Tech Portal to determine when you are operating. This can be set in the admin console under System > Office Hours. In thi…

Edcel Ceniza
Updated 2 years ago by Edcel Ceniza

Logging in with Passwordless

Read the legacy documentation here.. Enable Passwordless in the Admin Console. The Passwordless feature is used as a backup if Active Directory login fails. It allows users to log in without needing…

Edcel Ceniza
Updated 2 years ago by Edcel Ceniza

Global Magic Token: Logging in via URL

The video above is from the old UI, but should roughly still apply to the new interface. Follow the guide below for an updated walkthrough. Global tokens can be used to automatically log your clients…

Edcel Ceniza
Updated 2 years ago by Edcel Ceniza

Client Portal Office365 Single Sign-On

DeskDirector's client portal offers Office 365 Single Sign-On (OAuth) as the recommended login method for users. This authentication mechanism provides a secure and convenient way for users to access…

Jason He
Updated 3 months ago by Jason He

Switching from Custom Application OAuth to the new OAuth

Why update to the new OAuth?. This article explains why you should update to the new OAuth - Client Portal Office365 Single Sign-On. Am I already using the new OAuth?. You can check this from your De…

Aaron Corney
Updated 1 week ago by Aaron Corney