Feature Configuration

Default Ticket Board and Source

There are instances where a ticket is created, but don't fall under any specifications. This is where the default ticket board and source comes into play. This helps you select the default entities t…

Serena Cappellini
Updated 2 years ago by Serena Cappellini

Setting up your Approval Statuses

Approvals allow your clients to have some control on what tickets make their way to you. You can check this guide about the Approval Workflow in DeskDirector for an idea how it works. For DeskDirecto…

Edcel Ceniza
Updated 2 years ago by Edcel Ceniza

Adding a VIP Priority via the Admin Console

DeskDirector's VIP system is a great way for you to make sure important people at your clients' companies get prioritized and offered the best service experience. This article will help guide how to…

Edcel Ceniza
Updated 2 years ago by Edcel Ceniza

Automatic Contact Creation

DeskDirector has a mechanism to automatically create contacts. This provides our customers an easier onboarding option. This can be done via the DeskDirector admin console then head to System > Featu…

Jason He
Updated 2 years ago by Jason He

Setting Reopened Ticket Status

For ConnectWise Users. All you need to do is head to the Admin Console > System > Feature Configuration , and enter the status that you wish the ticket to go into when the client re-opens them. The s…

Andrew Lahikainen
Updated 2 years ago by Andrew Lahikainen

Setting Status when Ticket is Closed

Customers have the ability to mark their tickets as closed from within DeskDirector Portal. Configuration. This can be found on the Admin Console in the following location: System > Feature Configura…

Aaron Corney
Updated 2 years ago by Aaron Corney

Change Ticket Status when Customer Adds Note

This feature allows your tickets to be updated to a specific status when a client replies within DD Portal. In majority of cases, this is set to your primary Client Responded status. This can be easi…

Aaron Corney
Updated 2 years ago by Aaron Corney