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​Adding and removing features from your DD Portal Advantage plan

DD Portal Advantage is where you take your customer service to the next level. With DD Portal Advantage you can pick and choose features which best fit your business. 1. To turn a feature on or off y…

Updated 2 years ago

​Enabling Master Admin

A Master Admin is a user of your PSA that is allowed to log in to the DeskDirector Admin Console using their PSA credentials or Office 365 account.. 1. You can give a resource the Master Admin permis…

Updated 1 month ago

Logging into the Admin Console.

Your DD Admin Console URL. This will be your standard Desk Director Web Portal URL with an /Admin suffix. Example: My Web Portal URL: Admin Console URL: https://t…

Aaron Corney
Updated 1 year ago by Aaron Corney

3000 contact limit FAQ

One of the most common questions that we get at DeskDirector is what exactly the 3000 contact limit is. Is it a limit on the number of companies in your PSA? Is it a limit on the number of contacts i…

Updated 2 years ago

The Admin Console Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to view the status of each of your staff members as well as the status of each of your clients. Please note this function will only work if you have the Chat and Presence add…

Updated 2 years ago

Finding out what server your DeskDirector instance is on.

Depending on your location, we would have built your instance on one of the following systems. Please note, any DNS records you setup should be CNAME records pointing to your instanc…

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Administration Guide

While this knowledge base is a quickest way to find articles to any issues you currently have, you should be using our Onboarding Center for the successful portal implementation. Here's traditional m…

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