Instance & Account Queries

Setting up your custom domain

Custom Domain is only available if you have purchased the Custom Domain Add-on for DeskDirector, are a Dynamics Plan customer or are on an Enterprise plan. If you are unsure, reach out to support tea…

Edcel Ceniza
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Contact Limits FAQs

Note: The contacts limits were upgraded in May 2022 for the Silver, Gold and Platinum plans Silver, Gold, Platinum, Dynamic subscriptions. For these plans, the contact count is set as the total numbe…

Warwick Eade
Updated 10 months ago by Warwick Eade

Finding out what server your DeskDirector instance is on.

Depending on your location, we would have built your instance on one of the following systems. Please note, any DNS records you setup should be CNAME records pointing to your instanc…

Edcel Ceniza
Updated 2 years ago by Edcel Ceniza

How search works in DeskDirector products

In all products DeskDirector has created, we use full-text search for all list interface. Different to traditional contains or start with approach, full-text search provide flexibility that tradition…

Jason He
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