Managing Contacts in DeskDirector

You can easily manage contacts you handle from the DeskDirector admin console. These contacts are ported over after syncing your PSA into DeskDirector. You can access this page from Portal > Contacts in the DeskDirector admin console. You should see a page that looks like this that shows all the contacts under your instance.

Edcel Ceniza
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Exporting Contacts as CSV

CVS Reporting allows you to get a list of contacts or companies that have certain permissions enabled. In order to use the function, all you need to do is log in to the admin console and go to the le…


Ticket Group Permissions

A new feature called "User Group" was released in admin console version 1.26. This makes grouping tickets easier compared to using group tags as discussed in this guide. Click this link for more info…

Jason He
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Contact Impersonation

While setting up a new client with DeskDirector one of the biggest questions you may have is "what is this going to look like for this client?". Previously, you would have had to set (or reset) a pas…

Edcel Ceniza
Updated by Edcel Ceniza