How to setup the DeskDirector Flow Connector

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Currently, the DeskDirector Flow Connector is available to DD Dynamic customers only.

The DeskDirector Flow Connector provides the triggers and actions you need to integrate DeskDirector to many other apps in Microsoft Flow.

After setting up the connector, you can create flows to automate your workflows in your Flow account. Below is a workflow sample with the connector.

  • Enable the DeskDirector webhook feature. (In your admin console under Advanced > Developer Corner, make sure the Webhook checkbox is checked)
  • The DeskDirector Flow Connector is installed as a custom connector in your flow tenancy, which requires a Flow plan. You can check the Flow plans here in the Microsoft Flow official website.
  1. Go to your admin console, e.g. https://{your instance}
  2. In the side navigation panel, go to Integrations -> Microsoft Flow.
  3. Click the Sign in your flow account link in the top-right corner.
  1. Make sure to allow the popup window in your browser and follow the on screen instructions to log in the account that the connector will be installed to.
After the installation, you can share the connector and connection to other users in your organization. Read more
  1. After signing in, click the Manage Connector button.
  2. The connector installation page will show up.
  1. Click on the Install button to start the installation.
  2. After the installation, the installed connector will shown as below.
  1. Finally, go to your Microsoft Flow portal and explore the connector! (make sure to login with same user as specified in step 4)

How to share the DeskDirector Flow Connector

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How to share the DeskDirector Flow Connector