Flow integration example - Microsoft Teams notifications

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In this example, we will setup a flow that sends a notification to the assigned members when a contact replied this the ticket.

This article shows you the one of the applications of the DeskDirector Flow Connector. Follow this article to learn how to setup the connector if you haven't already.

If you are new to Microsoft flow, you can learn more about it from here.
  1. Go to Microsoft Flow portal, and create a new flow.

Go to My Flow, create a Instant--from blank flow, then click Skip.

  1. In the trigger search input, type in deskdirector and select When a ticket is created or updated.
  1. Select Contact Replied to Ticket in the Event drop-down and enter a name for your flow. Optionally, you can specify on which board and status the flow should be triggered.
  1. Create a new action Post a message as the flow bot to a user from the Microsoft Teams connector.
  1. Create a headline for the Teams action.


  1. Create recipient for the message. In the dynamic content search box, enter members email then select members members email from the dynamic content list.

A loop is created automatically for the Teams action, because multiple members can be assigned to a ticket. (array type)

  1. Finish filling in the message action and save the flow.
  1. Impersonate a contact and create a note to test the flow.

The message in Teams will look like this.

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