How to share the DeskDirector Flow Connector

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The DeskDirector flow connector is installed as a custom connector in the account you specified in the admin console. After the installation, the person who installed the connector can invite other users from the same organization to use the connector.

How to Share

Please note that, both of the connector and connection need to be shared with user from your organization.

Share the connector

Go to the flow portal and login with the account that the custom connection installed to.

Follow the steps below to open the share screen.

Specify the people in the share screen.

Share the connection

Similar to the sharing the connector, the connection can be shared under the Data menu too.

Specify the same group of users in the share screen.


Custom Connector

A custom connector connects some custom services to the Microsoft Flow platform. The Deskdirector Flow integration is achieved by our custom flow connector.


A connection allows you to access your data in the Microsoft Flow platform. In our case, this allows you to access your data in DeskDirector.

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