Flow integration example - workflow with user interactions

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In this example, we will setup an approval flow that interacts with users.

This article shows you the one of the applications of the DeskDirector Flow Connector. Follow this article to learn how to setup the connector if you haven't already.

If you are new to Microsoft flow, you can learn more about it from here.
Flow Design
  • Trigger - The flow is trigger by approval required. (the details are not covered in the example)
  • Actions
    • Create workflow user options
      • This action create an action link that can be sent to your user to get response.
      • This is also call From-the-Fields actions (FTF)
    • Send an email
      • The action link is sent in an email in this example.
      • A web page with actions will be opened when users click on the link.
    • Wait for a workflow response
      • The flow wants for a response from user or response expiration.
    • Check if the response expired
      • Cancel the flow
    • Handle response
      • Handle the user response
  1. Create a new flow with a desired trigger.
  2. Create a new action Create workflow user options from the DeskDirector connector.

The following image shows how the action input maps to the user response page.

  1. Create a new action Send an email to send the action link.

Use the popupUrl dynamic value in the email's body from the last step.

You can use your email template for better user experience.
  1. Create the action Wait for a workflow response from the DeskDirector connector.

This action is under the Triggers tab.

Specify the ID from step 2 Create workflow user options.

  1. Check if the response expired.

Use the isExpired dynamic value from last step.

  1. Handle response.

Use the selectedOption from step 4 (Wait for a workflow response).

The completed flow looks like this.

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Flow integration example - DD Forms