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Streamline IT for DD Tech

Streamline IT members can use DD Tech just as a normal member can, however there are a few restrictions we place on these users. This article will detail the restrictions on these users as well as gu…

Andrew Lahikainen
Updated 7 months ago by Andrew Lahikainen

Getting Started With DD Tech

Getting started with DD Tech. This article will take you through the steps required to start using DD Tech. Step 1: Configure the integration. Autotask. For Autotask you need to create an API resourc…

Andrew Lahikainen
Updated 1 month ago by Andrew Lahikainen

What is DD Tech?

DD Tech is a simple to use tool from DeskDirector, designed from the ground up to make your Level 1 & 2 helpdesk technicians more efficient in creating and managing support tickets. Simple. Simplicit…

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Updated 1 year ago by Andrew Lahikainen