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This is the primary way of finding tickets in DD Tech. You can find the ticket list under the Ticket menu item.

Please note, DD Tech displays tickets updated within the past 6 months.


The filter is broken into several parts:

  • Ticket state (open, closed, all): choose whether you want to search closed or open tickets
  • Search: search for ticket summary, description, or ticket number
  • Sort: sort results by created date, last updated date, summary, status
  • Company: restrict results to a specific company
  • Assigned tech: restrict results to a specific tech. This is useful to limit results to only your own tickets.


Every board you have access to will be shown in a list. It is a good idea to limit these in the admin console to only the ones you will be working with. To do that see the getting started article. Each board in the list will show the count of the number of tickets on that board. If you click a board, the list will expand to show every status under that board as well as the counts for tickets in that status. Clicking on a board or status will restrict results to tickets on that board or status.

The list is divided into pages with 20 results per page. To navigate through pages, use the controls at the bottom of the list.

You can navigate page by page, or you can select a specific page from the dropdown.

To navigate to a ticket, just click the summary in the list. You will be taken to the ticket details screen for that ticket.

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Ticket Details