The Admin Console Dashboard (Legacy)

The dashboard allows you to view the status of each of your staff members as well as the status of each of your clients.

Please note this function will only work if you have the Chat and Presence add-on active. 

Agents Tab


Agents Tab
  1. The Agents tab - displays details on your staff
  2. The Clients tab - displays details on your clients. It also shows the number of clients currently logged in to DeskDirector.
  3. Your staff members' name
  4. Your staff members' email
  5. Your staff member's status. I.e. whether they are active and ready for incoming chat requests.
  6. Details of the version and device the agents are running.

Clients Tab


Clients Tab
  1. Filter controls. You can select your filter options from the drop-down boxes and hit refresh to see the results.
  2. Name of your clients
  3. Clients' respective company ID
  4. Email address of your clients
  5. State of the client
  6. Details of the computer clients are at and what version of DeskDirector they are running.

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