Pre- Requisite - Unblock application in Teams Admin Portal

Warwick Eade Updated by Warwick Eade

The DeskDirector Administrator needs to unblock the application in their Teams Admin Portal before users can install the application.

Immediately after unblocking, the DeskDirector Teams app can be installed in the Home tenancy. The home tenancy is the one that is owned by the owner of the DeskDirector server.

Once the Pre-requisite has been completed, then..

  1. Users and Techs can install the Teams app into channels.
  2. Techs can set up thread Tags
  3. Users can set up notifications.
  4. External tenancies can be enrolled into the system. This is for users out side the home server, typically IT support customers of Managed Services Providers

Why is the Teams App initially blocked?

The DeskDirector/Teams application can only work once the API key and hostname of the home server has been entered.

Until this is done, users can 'request' DeskDirector through the Teams store, but they cannot deploy it.

This is by design, otherwise users would get an unsatisfactory experience when they try to install the App

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