Getting started with DeskDirector Forms (Legacy)


DeskDirector Forms are our new native form solution. With DeskDirector forms you can have beautiful native forms which allow you to ask the right questions to your clients the first time round. 

If you have a Wufoo Account, you can import your forms to our native forms, read how here

This article will help you go through the process of creating a form. We also have other articles that can be very helpful in regards to form and more advanced features of forms. 


DeskDirector Forms - Detailed Question Types

DeskDirector Forms - Sections and Conditionals

DeskDirector Forms - Importing Wufoo Forms


Creating a new form

Adding a new form

All of your DeskDirector forms will be created inside our admin console, using our own form builder. To get started, log in to the admin console and navigate to the Forms link under “Access Control”.

Here you will be able to create new forms, as well as view/edit other forms you have created. To get started, click on “New Form” and give it a name. Your customers won’t see this name, it’s for your reference, so you can be descriptive.

Adding questions - Basics

By default, all forms will have a “Ticket Title” field prepended to the top of them. This feeds into the ticket title when it is created. You don’t need to configure this yourself.

To get started, click “Add Question” and then choose the type of question this will be. The most common choices are presented immediately, but more are available in the dropdown.



Every question type will have at-least two fields to fill out. The first one is the “Question” which will be the literal question displayed to the user. This one is required. The second is the “Question Description” which will be displayed in a smaller font under the Question. This can be useful if you wish to expand on the exact meaning of the question. This one is optional.


Don’t forget to click Save before you finish!


Adding questions – Answer Validation

All question types support the “Required” flag. This marks the question as mandatory before the user can submit the form.

Currently only two other question types support extra validation.

The “Text” question type allows you to specify the maximum accepted length of an answer. You can also provide a custom error message, which will be displayed underneath the question, when the answer length is exceeded.



The “Number” question type allows you to specify certain inequality conditions on their answer. This will let them know their answer is not valid, until they satisfy the conditions. You can also provide a custom error message, which will be displayed underneath the question, when the number does not satisfy the conditions.


Adding questions – Deleting, copying and re-ordering

You will notice that on a given form, you may only select and edit one question at a time. At the top of the question you currently have selected, there are controls enabling you to duplicate, delete and re-order the given question.



For more details on all question types, please see here.


This should be enough to create a basic form, however if you want to add sections and conditional sections to your forms, please read more about that here.



User Form Access

DeskDirector forms are accessible by the end user when they create new tickets. To make a form available to your end users, simply create a new Request Type (or modify an existing one) and set the “Form” property to the form you wish to show. From here you can apply the familiar Request Type filters to restrict access.

You can read more on how to set up request types here.



Any questions on Forms, please log a ticket via DeskDirector Support Portal.

This will help you track your ticket progress.



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