2016 Server Changelog

Note: Omitted releases consist of internal changes.

Server 16.40.1 Changelog December 5th 2016: 

  • IMPROVEMENT: Instances will now only maintain last 4 months of tickets, as long as tickets have been updated within last 4 months they should be cached on our side.

Server 16.39.1 Changelog: November 21st 2016

  • FIX: Issue associated with time entries for AutoTask users.

Server 16.38.1 Changelog: November 15th 2016 * we'll be rolling out this update throughout the week.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Revamped contact permission system. ConnectWise Groups are no longer utilized, meaning that contact permissions will be now applied immediately. There is now global, company and contact permission tiers.

Server 16.37.1 Changelog: November 7th 2016

  • FIX: Issue associated with updating contact's phone number
  • IMPROVEMENT: Better exception handling for legacy attachment upload service.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Contact's title no longer required whilst updating their details.

Server 16.34.1 Changelog: October 4th 2016

  • Renamed impersonate contacts to maintain contacts.
  • Renamed member security to maintain members.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Revamped Service Board Security and renamed as 'Member Security'

Server 16.33.1 Changelog: October 4th 2016

  • FEATURE: Added ability to upload avatars for contacts or members

Server 16.32.1 Changelog: September 26th 2016

  • FIX: Last updated field parsing issue in the Staff HUD
  • FIX: ConnectWise member sync issue associated with duplicate members
  • IMPROVEMENT: Admin console UI Improvements
  • IMPROVEMENT: Support for ScreenConnect 6.0 

Server 16.31.1 Changelog: September 19th 2016

  • IMPROVEMENT: Support for ConnectWise URL changes in the Staff HUD

Server 16.30.1 Changelog: September 13th 2016

  • IMPROVEMENT: AutoTask ticket detail changes

Server 16.29.1 Changelog: September 6th 2016

  • FEATURE: Time Entry URL resolver for the Staff HUD

Server 16.28.1 Changelog: August 29th 2016

  • FEATURE: Added Licensing page [will be utilized when we update our pricing]
  • IMPROVEMENT: HUD should now filter out child tickets if ‘ignore child tickets’ has been enabled

Server 16.27.1 Changelog: August 22nd 2016

  • IMPROVEMENT: Support for ConnectWise changes
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved server ‘clean’ function which removes tickets from DeskDirector which have been deleted in ConnectWise

Server 16.25.1 Changelog: August 9th 2016

  • FIX: missing internal note issue in the Staff HUD
  • FIX: ‘Delete Cache’ in the administrative console
  • IMPROVEMENT: Cached contact permissions from ConnectWise should now update

Server 16.23.1 Changelog: July 27th 2016

  • FIX: Chat room subscriptions not being retrieved by old WPF client
  • IMPROVEMENT: Changes to database queries

Server 16.21.1 Changelog: July 25th 2016

  • Feature: New admin console login page
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added descriptions for flags situated on the member page
  • FIX: Issue with not being able to turn off 2FA/Master admin permission
  • FEATURE: DD Portal for terminal services is now available via the DD Portal page
  • FIX: Admin console dashboard not showing company name

Server 16.19.1 Changelog: July 18th 2016

  • FEATURE: Master admin permission for members/resources. Members/resources with these permissions can log into the admin console using their ConnectWise or AutoTask credentials.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Staff HUD for AutoTask will display the admin console page if the logged in resource is a ‘master admin’
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added in more codebase selections for ConnectWise
  • IMPROVEMENT: Implemented automatic resolving of the codebase for ConnectWise (every hour we will check if the codebase is correct)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Admin console tabs will have their font changed to red if there are any changes.

Server 16.17.1 Changelog: July 12th 2016

  • FIX: Issue where a newly created contact in ConnectWise couldn’t log in straight away

Server 16.16.1 Changelog: July 6th 2016

  • IMPROVEMENT: If deleted tickets show up in the client console, they are deleted once clicked.

Server 16.15.1 Changelog:  July 6th 2016

  • FIX: Password reset bug where reset would not complete
  • IMPROVEMENT: ConnectWise users have the ability to not show child tickets in the client portal
  • IMPROVEMENT: ConnectWise contacts now have the option to limit access to tickets and invoices according to site.

Server 16.13.0 Changelog:  June 20th 2016

  • IMPROVEMENT: Improvements on AutoTask ticket creation process
  • FIX: Duplicate tickets being created for some AutoTask users.

Server 16.12.1 Changelog: June 13th 2016

  • IMPROVEMENT: Improvements to ConnectWise contact sync

Server 16.9.1 Changelog: May 16th 2016

  • IMPROVEMENT: Changes made to passwordless to make it more user friendly, token won’t be deleted if used – will expire after 10minutes. This means that tokens can be reused within a 10minute time frame.

Server 16.8.1 Changelog: May 9th 2016

  • IMPROVEMENT: Increased performance of getting user configurations
  • FIX: issue with WuFoo redirect URL
  • FIX: issue with ScreenConnect path

Server 16.6.1 Changelog: April 11th 2016

  • FEATURE: Added Icelandic language support
  • FIX: Migration message would always appear on the request types page for some AutoTask users.

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