Old deleted/closed tickets being shown in open ticket list

Note: This is for CW customers only, AT clients will still need to remove deleted tickets using "delete tickets" in the admin console


Since the DeskDirector server release 16.15.1, we made several improvements to the performance of our databases as well as to ensure that the database will be able to handle PSA changes in the future. We have encountered an issue after these performance changes where old tickets were showing up in the Open Ticket list. These are often project tickets, which start their life as normal service tickets but are then changed into project tickets. The software has no information about it's state until the ticket is updated or the the ticket is drilled into.

Current Progress

We released a quick temporary fix to this in 16.17.1. The fix was to make the ticket disappear after a ticket was drilled into, as that allows us to query the state of the ticket.

We realize that there are many instances where these tickets became overwhelming for certain companies, where each contact may have hundreds of project tickets that should be deleted/closed. In future, any newly created project tickets will also encounter this problem. Our system should remove any of these tickets however after a few days when it does it's automatic check of tickets.

Project tickets are also on our roadmap to implement within DeskDirector, so in the future we will not need to automatically remove these tickets, but instead handle them within DeskDirector.

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