Manual log in to DeskDirector

OUTDATED ARTICLE. Password no longer set in ConnectWise, also new DDPortal has a sign out button that allows you to then log in as a different user if it signed in automatically


When troubleshooting or testing, manually logging in to the DeskDirector client with portal credentials is useful.
There are two environments where you will likely need to do so:

The login credentials have been cached locally from one previous successful logon (either domain or portal)
You do not want DeskDirector to log in automatically on its first launch in a domain environment

To manually log in hold the shift key while launching the client, wait until you're prompted with the following screen below letting go of the shift key

At this screen you can log in using the email address (as is present in the user's contact in ConnectWise) and portal password

The portal password can be changed by clicking "Set Customer Portal Options" in the contact.

Clearing the cached login

If you would like to switch back to logging in using the domain account you will have to clear the cached login in one of two ways.

The first and recommended way is to launch the client while holding shift, as explained above, unticking the 'Save Password' box and then closing the client. 
When relaunching you should now be logged in using your domain account.

The second method is to manually delete the cached credential in the registry located at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DeskDirector\AuthCookie
You can completely delete the entry or clear the data from it.


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