Automatically Updating DeskDirector

Remembering to update your clients' DeskDirector installation is a bit of a pain. Follow this guide to find out how you can automate that process using your RMM tool. This guide will be using LabTech, but you can easily transcribe it into your RMM tool of choice.

Here are the script downloads:

Please test and read through them carefully to make sure they are correct.

Required Information

The script in its current state relies on 3 variables to be defined. You can find and define those variables by following the instructions below.

Your DeskDirector Portal ID

Your DeskDirector Portal ID

Log in to the DeskDirector portal. From there take note of the URL, the 4 digit ID is what you are after. We will use this to define a global variable inside LabTech - call it @DdCompanyID@

Your Version File Link

The script relies on downloading and reading the version text file from the portal. The contents of the version file will be the version number of the client you last generated and if you copy the version link (2) you should get something like this: 

Note down your brand id and define another variable; @DdBrandID@ and set it equal to your brand id. For the most part your brand ID is going to be the same as in the link above, but if you are using this script for another brand you have created it will have a different brand ID.

MSI Client Prefix

MSI Client Prefix

The last global variable we need to define is @DdFilePrefix@. This is just the file name listed on the download section on the portal.

You shouldn't need to schedule this script to run any more than once a week.

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