Integrating Bigger Brains with DeskDirector - Setting up DeskDirector

Adding Bigger Brains to DeskDirector is simple.

The steps below take you through adding it to the learning center.

1. Access the DeskDirector Admin Console

Get to this at https://<mspname>

Contact us if you don't have your login details.

2. Add a new category for Bigger Brains to the Learning Center from the Manage Learning tab

3. Add a new item to the learning category

Don't forget you can and probably should limit this to certain clients until you are ready to release it. Simply add them from the " Add Company ID to List" dropdown.

Add a new item that points to the following URL;[contactemail]&API_Username=<APIUSERNAME>&API_Password=<APIPASSWORD>

You'll need to contact Bigger Brains to get the APIUSERNAME and APIPASSWORD above. The [contactemail] will be replaced with the DeskDirector user's email address so make sure this member exists in Bigger Brains. Click here to see how to add them.


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