Staff HUD 14.2

What's new

  • Chat automatically logged to internal notes
    • Now whenever a chat ends a note is automatically added to the internal notes of the ticket with details of the chat.
  • Copy text from Ticket Details and Chat windows
    • You can now easily copy the text from both the ticket details and chat windows to the clipboard by simply selecting it.
  • Ability to brand and provide to downstream clients
    • The DeskDirector Staff HUD will now  allow you to apply your own logo and change it's name. This coupled with the new Member security will mean you can provide it to your clients who are using Streamline IT.  
  • Member Board and Company limit
    • The Staff HUD can now be limited to only showing members (your team or your clients via Streamline IT) the boards and companies you want to provide. That way you can ensure staff have no access to tickets they shouldn't be able to access.
  • Spell check in chat
    • Chat now has spell check which will underline words that are misspelled and allow them to be corrected with a simple right click.
  • Ticket Details now includes Internal Analysis
    • The ticket details view now includes internal notes so you don't have to head to the ConnectWise tab to see these.
  • Phone system integration (TEL URL protocol)
    • You can now initiate an outbound call from the Staff HUD by clicking a phone number in the contact details. All you need is a phone system with a CTI that accepts the TEL protocol (e.g. Lync or Skype)
  • Remember ticket sessions and ServiceRadar settings
    • When you shutdown the Staff HUD it will save all the open sessions and ServiceRadar settings for next time.
  • Welcome screen with access to Admin Console, Deployment Portal, Knowledgebase
    • There is a new welcome screen that appears when you start the Staff HUD. This includes a getting started video and gives Admins quick access to the Admin Console and Deployment Portal. All staff also have quick access to our Knowledgebase.
  • ServiceRadar Filter additions
    • ServiceRadar now has extra filters for Ticket Status, Business Unit and Service Team. This makes it easier to find the more important or relevant tickets.
  • ServiceRadar now can show Last Updated
    • The ServiceRadar graph view now can be changed to show when a ticket was last updated, in addition to showing how old it is. Untouched tickets have nowhere to hide.
  • Presence indicators have changed and are in the quick view
    • The presence indicators look a little better and are in more places. Simply hover over a ticket in the graph view to see the clients presence.
  • ServiceRadar Ticket list view with presence
    • Now you can show tickets in a list as well as a graph! Quickly find tickets that need attention and rack them up one by one or as a group. The list also shows the clients presence!!!

Bug fixes

  • Remove schedule entries that are done
    • Those using the button to add scheduled tickets will be happy to know it now won't add previously closed schedule items to the list.
  • Reorder schedule based on date/time
    • The scheduled items added are now more correctly added in date/time order.
  • Improvements to Priority coloring
    • Tickets with priorities that you have colored white will now better display in the interface.
  • Board retrieve
    • We have improved the way we retrieve Service Type, SubType and Item. This significantly speeds up the New Ticket window.
  • Show warranty issue on screen rather than just in dropdown
    • If the warranty has expired on a configuration it will now show this at the top level rather than having to drill in to the configuration.

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