Server 15.1


  • Server now requires HTTPS everywhere. HTTP bindings can now be setup and redirect to HTTPS.


  • General improvements around queue notifications (Autotask).
  • Approvers will now automatically gain access to all tickets (Autotask).


  • Fixed an issue where the portal type sync wouldn't work for ConnectWise cloud partners.


  • Server updated for new pricing model. Notifications and chat are now Pro plan features.


  • Portal types now sync to our database. We now use different APIs to submit tickets to avoid breaking approvals for 2015.4 users (ConnectWise).
  • Portal types page added to admin console (ConnectWise).


  • Fixed an issue in the interface settings page where the invoice_menuitem field was pointing to invoice_header field.
  • Fixed an issue where approval boards and fasttrack boards would overflow from container on the general configuration page.


  • Fixed an issue where contacts could receive notifications from inactive queues (Autotask)


  • Fixed an issue where the user wouldn't be redirected to the correct page upon logging in to the admin console.


Fixed an issue where tickets where not being updated under certain conditions (Autotask)


  • Fixed an issue where if pop-ups are enabled and a learning centre article is opened the window will be very narrow in Chrome, and in IE will not have a scroll bar.
  • Fixed an issue where DeskDirector web's header would scroll with the page.
  • Recommendations are now able to be deeplinked in DeskDirector web.
  • Fixed SSL connection issue. Allows TLS1.0, TLS1.1, TLS1.2, and SSL3.0 (for the sake of compatibility with some ConnectWise servers)


  • ConnectBooster integration working on web version, users can now login without a password. Supports both Autotask and ConnectWise.
  • Deeplinking in the web version is now case insensitive.
  • Fixed ascending button and sorting algorithm.
  • Multi-language token email for passwordless implemented.
  • Upon contact creation; the portal security caption "user" will be the default security level. If this does not exist security level 1 will be selected. (ConnectWise)


  • SMTP Settings page now returns an error to the user when testing their email address.
  • When creating a contact the default last name will be "l" if it doesn't exist in Active Directory.
  • Fixed a learning centre typo.
  • Interface settings page complete. Users can add/remove languages and change the names of all menu items.
  • Fixed layout issue with interface settings page.
  • Language select now displays the language with native spelling. E.g. French is displayed as Français.
  • Web client now pages invoices. There are now 20 items per page.
  • French and Polish languages added.


  • SMTP Settings page now using AJAX. No need to refresh page to see changes.
  • Input is now a modal and includes a validation procedure to check whether article is iframe-able (if not will be opened in new tab on DeskDirector web)
  • Warning now thrown if you don't enter a email domain when adding a company to the company configs page.


  • General bug fixes and improvements to the general configuration page.
  • Fixed an issue with Autotask authentication where special characters would prevent login.
  • Fixed some logic around adding and removing learning centre articles.


  • Made some updates to the learning page.
  • General configuration page updated. More save buttons added and does not require page refresh to see changes.


  • Admin Console will now detect ConnectWise cloud version and compare it with the codebase. If there is a mismatch, a warning will be shown at top of page.

DeskDirector web release

  • Setting added under General Configuration page of the Admin Console to enable DeskDirector web at the base URL to replace mobile version
  • iPhone touch icon automatically created when logo is uploaded to the Admin Console
  • iPhone icon is now populated based on the partners' company ID
  • Ability to upload icons and logos that will be used for DeskDirector web under the Company Configs page of the Admin Console
  • Ability to upload company specific icons and logos for each client by clicking on the company in the Company Configs page. This overrides the default icon and logo set in the Company Config page.

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