Migrating your Portal Request Types to our new engine

Follow these steps to migrate your portal types (ConnectWise) or request types (Autotask) to our new request type engine.
From your admin console go to the "Request Types tab"


If you haven't migrated your portal types yet, you will see a yellow warning banner

Click the migrate link in order to start migration from ConnectWise portal types to DeskDirector. This will open the migration tool.

DeskDirector will import the portal configuration information from your ConnectWise. If everything looks good, you should click next.

If you have excluded portal types from any company, you will need to export a CSV file. You can skip this step if you have not set any company exclusions or if you want to redefine them.

If you need to export a CSV file, you will need to follow these instructions:


You're going to need an exported report from the report writer in CSV format, read on to see how. This CSV is going to contain the information on which portal types have been excluded for each of your client companies.

1. Go to report writer

2. Create a new report

Create a new report

3. Select your data source

Select your data source

The data source can be found under the service section: SR_Portal_Type_Exclusion

Required Fields

Head to the Fields tab and select these 3 fields to export. Click the export CSV icon and your download should begin.

 Please note that the format has to be "..." not 0,000 that it defaults to. 


Head back to the migrate page

Load the .csv file into the migration box


 From here you can parse the CSV file and continue the migration.




Complete migration

And you're done! You should see your portal types on the Edit Request Type screen. Check out this article for more information on setting these portal types up, make sure you enable them before enabling these new portal types. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to contact support@deskdirector.com


For Autotask

Head to the Edit Request Types page and click the link at the top to the migration page. From there just hit the migrate button and your types will be migrated to the new engine.


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