Staff HUD 15.1

What's new

  • ScreenConnect integration is now live
  • There is now a chat queue above the session view where your engineers will be able to see chat requests from your clients and pick them up
  • Rather than transferring a chat to another engineer, they are invited to the chat room. You can invite as many engineers as you want to a room.
  • You can now view the details of all the machines the user is logged into and you can also initiate a ScreenConnect remote session from there
  • Notification for inviting engineers to chat room is now styled as other DeskDirector notifications
  • Notification for users joining chat queue shows time users have spent in queue as well as providing the option to open the HUD
  • Chat notifications and chat queue header change colour when a client has been waiting for over 30 seconds
  • A legend has been added to ticket notes
  • Ticket session and chat queue tooltips now include the ticket's status
  • The ticket session now shows the ticket's subject rather than number

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Ticket timeline icons and UI improved
  • Refresh button on ribbon will now refresh the company/contact detail panel if changes are made on the ticket
  • Fixed search logic for inviting other engineers to chat room
  • Chat icons updated to reflect new functionality
  • Chat log is retrieved as soon as engineer unsubscribes from the chat room
  • Note types are now more readable
  • Company name is now added to ticket details
  • Messaging engine much more robust at dealing with network interruptions/failure
  • Status is visible on ticket session tooltip
  • Cookies are now retained so tabs will remain logged in even after restart
  • Fixed an issue where the ribbon would not load when the ticket details have not been loaded
  • Queue warning time has been decreased from 1 minute to 30 seconds
  • Improved logging
  • Desktop alerts no longer triggered when user state (active, inactive, etc) changes
  • Updated chat system messages
  • Fixed some threading issues that could arise under certain conditions
  • Cookies are no longer cleared, only the cache
  • Sort order button on ticket details updated
  • Machine details view UI improved
  • Changed styles to the warranty expired icon and added a tooltip to it
  • Warranty warning now shows when warranty is near expiry or has expired
  • Chat tab UI improvements
  • Browser debug is always on

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