Client Console 15.1

What's new

  • 15.1 features a new chat engine with greatly increased reliability
  • Chat will function correctly regardless of how many devices the user is logged into - the message will be delivered to all endpoints that are logged in as that user
  • Chat rooms support more than 2 people in the room at once. This means multiple engineers and multiple clients can talk to each other.
  • Chat history is now stored in our database, users will be able to see their history at any time by navigating to the discussions tab in the ticket view.
  • Chat notifications have an improved UI and fit in with the look of other DeskDirector notifications
  • Chat UI has been improved and restyled. It is much more obvious for the user.
  • When a user requests a chat they are moved into a queue where engineers will be able to pick up their requests.
  • Informational broadcasts are now accepted by the client. Use these to send across non-urgent notifications.
  • User presence detection is more reliable
  • ScreenConnect integration now up and running

Bug Fixes

  • Tooltips added to chat dialog as well as the ability to navigate to the ticket the chat is related to
  • Chat history is refreshed when navigating to ticket view or when refreshed manually
  • Hardware acceleration default value is now false
  • Date display on chat is now darker colour and larger font
  • Clicking the chat session in the active chat sessions bar will minimise the chat
  • Fixed an issue where the chat dialog would be obscured by the browser control when viewing a web page - a message now displays to inform user to minimise their active chat
  • Changed the unread chat indicator on the chat session item when minimised
  • Removed duplicate recommendations display name from the recommendations view
  • Chat view's refresh button more obvious
  • Chat has improved recovery from network interruptions
  • Chat dialog will recognise network failure and disable chat box until reconnected
  • Users are notified by a chat system message when they timeout of the queue. They will be prompted to leave a ticket note.
  • Client side logging improved with more events recorded
  • Removed system messages spamming when user state changes (away, available)
  • Company name has been added to many views
  • Discussions tab (chat history) visibility controlled by group membership (ConnectWise) or feature access (Autotask)
  • Timeline view icons have improved, general improvements to UI for windows 8
  • Disabled buttons are now much more obvious

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