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The Admin Console allows you to set very specific filters in regards to what your clients can see and access. This article will guide you through setting up the filters for their tickets, permissions, quotes, and invoices.

You can filter which boards, quote statuses or types, and which invoice statuses will be shown on the DeskDirector Portal. You can also filter the permissions your users have. These filters can be set at the global, company, and contact level. Company level settings override global settings, which in turn get overridden by contact settings.

Global Settings



In the admin console under Portal you will find the Global Access tab. Here is where you can set all global security settings for tickets, permissions, opportunities, and invoices. You navigate through these four settings using the tabs at the top of the page.

Company Filters

Under a Company's details (accessible from the Portal menu), you can find the same settings. The settings for a company will be inherited from the global settings unless you state otherwise, in which case the company ones will override the global settings.

Contact Filter

Lastly, contact settings override company and global settings. You can access the contact settings by drilling down on a contact name from the contacts page.

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