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Adding Media to Play When First Launching the Client

When users first log in to the DeskDirector Portal, you can show them a piece of media of your choosing. This can be a video, website, article, anything that has a url and can be embed. You can set t…

Updated 5 months ago

The Flag feature (CW Only)

This page will take you through the steps in setting up the Flag feature for your clients.. 1. Enable Flag permissions for your clients. Under Client Security, you need to set up Flag for clients, so…

Updated 5 months ago

"Ensure VIP ticket's priority" Feature

You are probably familiar with our VIP feature. Contacts marked as VIPs inside Deskdirector log tickets with the escalated VIP priority that you set under the General configurations tab. However, not…

Updated 1 month ago

Setting Up and Using the VIP Priority

DeskDirector's VIP system is a great way for you to make sure those important people at your clients' companies get the fastest response and best service you can offer. This article describes how to…

Updated 5 months ago

FastTrack in DeskDirector

The FastTrack feature allows your clients to escalate tickets, and mark their importance so your team gets to them as soon as possible (or as per your SLAs). In order to set up the FastTrack function…

Updated 5 months ago

Contact Creation Rule

DD Admin Console > General Configuration > Features > Contact Creation Rule. DeskDirector has mechanism to automatically create contacts. This provides our customers an easier onboarding option. To a…

Jason He
Updated 7 months ago by Jason He

Customer Closed Tickets.

Customers have the ability to mark their tickets as closed from within DD Portal. Configuration. This can be found on the Admin Console in the following location: SYSTEM > FEATURE CONFIGURATION > TIC…

Aaron Corney
Updated 1 month ago by Aaron Corney

Browser Support for portal

Browser support is always a tricky question. To support old or legacy browser, it is always very intensive process. It also limit amount of feature you can release, since the application will be rest…

Jason He
Updated 1 hour ago by Jason He

Switching Accounts

Portal users can change which account they are logged into from the top-right hand side of the screen: If they have other accounts in your system, they will be shown a dropdown where they can select…

Andrew Lahikainen
Updated 5 months ago by Andrew Lahikainen

Change Ticket Status when Customer Adds Note

This feature allows your tickets to be updated to a specific status when a client replies within DD Portal. In majority of cases, this is set to your primary Client Responded status. Admin Console. S…

Aaron Corney
Updated 1 month ago by Aaron Corney

Diagnose Portal for Desktop

This article explain ways to diagnose issues for desktop portal, information gathered through the process is also great to help out any support ticket you create. It can help us resolve your issue fa…

Jason He
Updated 1 month ago by Jason He