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Bigger Brains - How to allow access to your clients

When Bigger Brains is activated, our support team will Filter this to Your Company Only. Once you're all set up, you can add Companies (your clients) to Bigger Brains to make the resource available t…

Serena Cappellini
Updated 1 month ago by Serena Cappellini

Useful Learning Center Tips - Adding files from Google and Dropbox

This article takes you through useful ways to add files to the Learning Center.. 1. Add files from Dropbox. 1.1. Right click the file you want to share in Dropbox and select Share Link... 1.2. Chose…

Updated 1 year ago

Getting Started with the Learning Center

Learning Center The Learning Center is a great way to educate your clients and share documents with them. You can also link to videos and files hosted online. This page will take you through the step…

Updated 2 days ago

How to change the name of the Learning Center

Note this requires Client Console v14.1.1 or later 1. Log on to the Admin console. The URL is https://[your company name].deskdirector.com/admin The username and password would have been provided dur…

Updated 1 year ago

Learning in DeskDirector

Any user who has been given the Learning permission via the Admin Console will be shown this module in DeskDirector. Microsoft learning materials are setup as a starting point. Please note, we do not…

Updated 1 year ago