Portal for Windows

Getting Started with DD Portal

Getting started:. You can find the Desktop client by logging into your admin console and navigating to the Desktop Installer section.. Specify what you want to call the Desktop Application:. Follow t…

Andrew Lahikainen
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Installing DD Portal

Requirements. Windows 7 or later. NET Framework v4.5+. Overview of Installers. The Portal and all installers are 32-bit applications. The Program Files directory or Registry locations are always thei…

Andrew Lahikainen
Updated 1 month ago by Andrew Lahikainen

Diagnosing login problems using the new DDGetSID CLI tool

The new DDGetSID CLI tool is a command-line interface app developed to help you diagnose Windows client Active Directory login. Use this tool to: Find out a user's company SID. Diagnose auto-login is…

Andy Chen
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Antivirus Issues

In some cases we're seeing issues with Antivirus programs blocking the DD Portal Installation from completing. With programs such as WebRoot; the installation is being blocked with no message or noti…

Updated 2 years ago

Troubleshooting your DeskDirector Portal installation

This documentation is outdated, we no longer provide an auto-updating client so many of these tips are not applicable. We're keeping this document here just in case people are still running old versi…

Updated 2 months ago

Differences Between Portal for Desktop v2 and v3

Portal v3 vs Portal v2 Portal v2 Pros: Auto-update: Any changes to desktop specific code (screenshots, AD auth, etc) will be deployed automatically. Auto-update Branding: Any logo, icon, or hotkey ch…

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DDPortal removal tool - uninstalling Windows portals

This tool is to help you remove Desktop Portals, so that you will have a fresh environment when you install the latest desktop portal version. The versions to uninstall includes: WPF clients. Desktop…

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