DeskDirector Forms and Request Types

​Getting started with DeskDirector Forms

For the legacy documentation click here. With DeskDirector forms you can have beautiful native forms which allow you to ask the right questions to your clients the first time round. If you have a Wuf…

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Importing Wufoo Forms to DD Forms

Importing Wufoo Forms to DD Forms It's easy to import your Wufoo Forms to DD Forms. It can be done in 3 clicks Go to Forms menu in your DD Admin Console Click on the three dots/Import Wufoo Forms. Se…

Updated 9 months ago

DeskDirector Forms - Question Types in Detail

Question Types in Detail. Here is all the type of questions currently supported in DDForms. Text. Simple text input which is single-line by default. Check the “Long answer” box to make this multi-lin…

Serena Cappellini
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DeskDirector Forms - Webhooks

We are happy to announce that now DDForms supports Webhooks. What does this mean? It means that when a form is submitted, it can trigger any workflow you want via webhook. This means you can set up e…

Updated 1 year ago

DeskDirector Forms - Sections and Conditionals

Updated 3 months ago

Setting up Request Types

Request types are used by end-users to submit tickets. This article will take you through the configuration of request types. To begin, login to your admin console and hit 'Request Types' under 'Acce…

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DeskDirector Forms - Dynamic Fields

Dynamic Field. Dynamic field is a new addition to the DeskDirector form family. It provides huge capability, however we designed it to give some restrictions on web service design. The reason behind…

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Request Type Ordering

Request Type Ordering is only available to server version equal to or higher than 18.82.1. Request type's category and name can be re-ordered. To achieve that, you can put a number in front of catego…

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Ticket Title Automation

DeskDirector Forms come with adaptive titles, which will allow you to populate the ticket's subject line with the most relevant information. It's designed to give both your tech team and your clients…

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