Getting Started with Broadcasts

Broadcasts are an excellent way to notify your customers on critical outages and important messages. Broadcasts are an advantage add-on component and can be enabled inside the admin console. Configur…

Andrew Lahikainen
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Who Can Send a Broadcast

Only members or resources can send broadcasts. This means that Portal users cannot create broadcasts for their own company. ConnectWise. All members are able to send broadcasts via DD Tech except Str…

Andrew Lahikainen
Updated 2 years ago by Andrew Lahikainen

Sending a Broadcast

To send a broadcast you need to first login to DD Tech. You can do this at https://{your deskdirector subdomain} Step 1 - navigate to the broadcast page. This can be found on t…

Andrew Lahikainen
Updated 9 months ago by Andrew Lahikainen

Receiving Broadcasts

Broadcasts can be received in Portal in real time if you have purchased the chat advantage add on. Otherwise, Portal will poll for new broadcasts every 5 minutes. Viewing broadcasts in Portal. There…

Andrew Lahikainen
Updated 9 months ago by Andrew Lahikainen

Sticky Broadcasts

All notifications in DeskDirector leverage the browser and OS notification systems to grab a users attention, by displaying a small popup in the corner of their screens. These notifications disappear…

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