Server 15.13

What's new

  • Global magic token removed from beta - officially supported

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Removed extra portal type menu item for ConnectWise admin console
  • Fixed an issue where updating contact details failed to update the contact in ConnectWise 2015.6
  • Uploaded images for DeskDirector web now have a maximum size and will be scaled if too large
  • Approval ticket note now has a default note if none is given
  • Close ticket action now has a default note if none is given
  • Improved ConnectWise portal type migration
  • Invoice max retrieval size increased - fixes an issue where they would refuse to display
  • Fixed an issue where some learning centre items would show the open in new tab button even if they were successfully iframed
  • Request types now sorted by parent and then secondary sorted on type
  • Fixed notification settings dialog on DeskDirector web - it now has correct description for ticket status change notifications

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