How groups work in DeskDirector (ConnectWise)

DeskDirector uses ConnectWise's marketing groups to give people (contacts in ConnectWise) access to features.

The following groups are used;

Group Name



Nominates a person as an approver. This gives them access to approve or deny tickets and they will be notified if a ticket needs their approval.  
DD_Chat Allows a person to chat to a technician. The chat bar will not show if they are not a member of this group.
DD_FastTrack Allow a person to FastTrack a ticket. This will change the ticket status to one specified in the Admin portal. Great for allowing certain contacts to get attention on a certain ticket
DD_Flag Allows a person to Flag a ticket. This will create an activity in ConnectWise.
DD_Invoice Gives a person access to view invoices
DD_Learning Gives a person access to the learning center

Allows a person to access ConnectWise opportunities. If you have Quosal they can also open the Order Porter version of the quote and approve it.
DD_VIP Members of this group will have a dedicated priority applied to every ticket they log through DeskDirector


Adding contacts to groups

The easiest way to add contacts to groups is using the Groups tab from the Company screen in ConnectWise.



From there you can easily add and remove individual contacts to a group.

Include All Contacts

By ticking the "Include All Contacts" check box all contacts will be a member of this group, including any new contacts. This way you don't have to add them in the future. 

Include Primary Contact

By ticking the Include Primary Contact check box the primary contact will always be a member of this group, even if it changes.


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