How to have open a ticket in DeskDirector from ConnectWise and elsewhere

This article explains how you can have a ticket open inside DeskDirector's Staff HUD from ConnectWise or from an email or website (frankly anywhere you can add a URL).

Note this needs ConnectWise v2014.2 for the ConnectWise popping.

How to 'pop' a ticket in DeskDirector from ConnectWise

Open the Links setup table
Click to create a new link
Create a new link based on the Service Table
  1. Call the Link Name whatever you will like, this is what you will chose when viewing a ticket
  2. Set the Table Reference to Service
  3. Set the Link Definition to ddagent:///ticketid=[srnumber] (Be sure to use 3 slashes)
The link will appear on any ticket you open
  1. With a ticket open chose the link from the Links section
  2. Click the link to open the ticket in DeskDirector

5. The ticket will open in DeskDirector

This also works if you add or access ConnectWise inside our Staff HUD from a "Ticket session tab" or if you have ConnectWise as a "Main tab"

How to 'pop' a ticket in DeskDirector from elsewhere

You can also have a ticket open in DeskDirector from anywhere by simply using the following syntax

ddagent://ticketid=[ticket number]

Simply replace [ticket number] with the ConnectWise ticket number

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