DD Portal for Windows: LabTech Deployment Guide

This guide covers the basics of using LabTech to deploy DDPortal for Windows, you may have to add in or edit some steps depending on your environment. You can view or download this script here

Step overview:

 2. Function: Shell

  • Command: mkdir %windir%\ltsvc\packages\deskdirector
  • Purpose: Creates a deskdirector folder in the %windir%\ltsvc\packages\ directory.

3. Function: File Download URL

  • URL: You can retrieve this from the downloads tab of the DD Portal Installer page in your Admin Console. Make sure to encode any spaces e.g. https://downloads.deskdirector.com/lincolnlam/DeskDirector for Windows.msi would be https://downloads.deskdirector.com/lincolnlam/DeskDirector%20for%20Windows.msi
  • Local File: %windir%\ltsvc\packages\deskdirector\DDPortal.msi
  • Wait until finished.
  • Purpose: Downloads the DD Portal MSI and stores it in the deskdirector folder we created in step 2. The script waits until this download is completed. 

4. Function: IF File Check

  • File Path: %windir%\ltsvc\packages\deskdirector\DDPortal.msi
  • Compare: Exists
  • Label to jump to: :runMSI
  • Purpose: Checks if the MSI has been successfully downloaded. If it has then we'll skip steps 5-6.

5. Function: Script Log Message

  • Message: %windir%\ltsvc\packages\deskdirector\DDPortal.msi was not found. Download may have failed, please make sure the agent can download the file.
  • Purpose: Debugging purposes.

6. Function: Script Exit with Error

  • Purpose: Exits the script since we can't find the MSI. 

7. Function: Script Note

  • Remark: :runMSI
  • Purpose: Used as a reference point for step 4, we have confirmed that the MSI exists so now we'll run it.

8. Function: Shell

  • Command: msiexec /i %windir%\LTSvc\packages\deskdirector\DDPortal.msi /qn
  • Purpose: We run the DDPortal msi.
  • This creates a folder in %windir%\Program Files (x86) the folder will be named after your product name on the DD Portal installer page of your admin console. The folder contains a exe file called deskdirectorportal.exe which installs the application.
  • This also creates a registry key under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run (or the equivalent for a 32-bit OS) which will run the .exe on startup. 
  • In theory we could force the user to restart here and DD Portal will install for them (as the registry key will automatically run deskdirectorportal.exe) but this script avoids doing that.

9-12: Just like steps 4-7: We check if the msi has been run successfully i.e deskdirectorportal.exe exists, if it doesn't exist we log this and stop the script. If it exists we process to run the exe.

13. Function: If Console Logged On

  • Label to Jump to or Steps to skip: !
  • Purpose: Check if the user is logged on. This way we know we can run the .exe

14. Function: Console Execute

  • Executable: %ProgramFiles(x86)%\DeskDirector for Windows Installer\deskdirectorportal.exe
  • Arguments: -s
  • Purpose: Runs the .exe and silently installs the application. After this step is complete your DeskDirector icon should appear in their system tray. 

15. Function: Resend Software

  • Purpose: Instructs the agent to update current software information

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